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Service Technicians

Yes, we are service technicians for both APQS and Bernina and can fix many others brands!

Every sewing machine needs maintenance.

Both Rick and Pam are Certified Techs for APQS.  Both are certified under APQS’ rigorous service program conducted in Carroll, Iowa. They are certified by APQS for all manner of longarm service and repair. 

Even though APQS longarm quilting machines are backed by a Lifetime Warranty on parts and labor, and are the highest quality and most reliable machines available, they still need regular maintenance.  Just like a high quality automobile, regular service is recommended to keep your machine running flawlessly. 

Remember, when you purchase an APQS longarm quilting machine you become part of the APQS family. 


Our APQS Certified Tech class was lead by Amy Stuart from APQS Service and Dawn Cavanaugh, APQS National Director of Education

We can fix a problem, do warranty service, or perform preventative service on your machine to keep it running smoothly. We service all APQS machines, whether you bought your longarm from our Studio or somewhere else.  

Repairs: We are here to help you. We charge hourly for repairs. If you need us to come to your machine, standard mileage rates apply.

Machine parts: If you need replacement parts for your APQS longarm quilting machine we stock a large variety and we can order whatever else you need.  


Rick Kauppila, on the job, servicing a machine.

During Bernina Certified Tech training, Rick disassembled sewing machines and learned the basics of cleaning, oiling and adjusting.    

Rick has always been known as a guy "who can fix anything."  Ask anyone who knows him!  His engineering background certainly helps, but he was that kid that not only took apart clocks and radios as a kid, but also a big processing piece of equipment.  

When Rick isn't working, he does break away every so often and catches a big lunker like this one!  This one didn't get away!