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Software Inspirations 2023 Virtual Edition

This is the "Stay home and learn virtually" option. 
You will get a video and handouts every month that is yours to keep!

**Completion of Bernina Mastery Classes for Creator and Designer Plus are recommended.

Watch a recorded version of Software lessons, taught by Bernina Software Educator, Debbi Lashbrook. Each month's lesson will dive into a practical use for BERNINA V9 Embroidery Software and showcase the tools to bring your visions to life.  Supporting new and existing software users alike, Software Inspirations will open up a new world of embroidery possibilities with the help of our latest software, Version 9.

Each lesson is recorded, so you will have access to watch it afterwards and as many times as you like.  

The link will be shared only with actively enrolled attendees.  Link must not be shared by those not enrolled in Software Inspirations.

Each Month you will receive:
Handouts, Worksheets, designs and access to the video recording.

We recommend you purchase the whole year so you won't miss a lesson!  Here are the topics and schedule:

Jan 3: Lesson 1: Back to Basics
We will begin the year with some basics.  The class will cover basic tips when using the software to create embroidery designs.  Tips for lettering, tips for digitizing, tips for organizing your design files, and tips for computer upkeep and back-up will be included.
Feb 1: Lesson 2: Creating Subway Art
Let's create a graffiti wall hanging using our lettering tools with a little bit of help from Artwork Canvas.  Choose a theme, choose your phrase, and choose some art to create a special, one-of-a-kind wall hanging.

Mar 1: Lesson 3: Digitizing for Computerized Quilting
Begin by planning your project in Quilter, add a quilting or applique design to your plan, and learn how to digitize quilting designs to complete your creation.  Learn the tricks to adjust a quilting design to place the design behind an appliqued block.

Apr 3: Lesson 4: Digitizing a Logo Patch
Lean how to create a plan for digitizing a logo and then learn the steps for creating a patch from the logo design.

May 1: Lesson 5: Get Creative with Fills & Effects
We have amazing tools in the software! Learn how to create special fills and effects. Let's experiment with these tools to create unique abstract designs.
Jun 1: Lesson 6: Embellishments Tricks
Create fun embroidery effects using ribbons, yarns and decorative stitches

Aug 1: Lesson 7: Cross Stitch & Multi-Hooping
Create a cross stitch design that goes beyond the boundaries of the hoop.  Learn basic cross stitch tips and also learn some multi-hooping tricks.

Sep 1: Lesson 8: Advanced Applique to the Mac
Let's review our basic tools of applique and delve further into Advanced Applique to create unique applique designs that are beyond the basics.  Also learn how to adapt the stitch properties when you use heavier threads for your applique.

Oct 2: Lesson 9: Lessons in Artwork Canvas
If you've never looked into Artwork Canvas, this class will show you some of the fun, creative tools that rest within this powerful program in Bernina Embroidery Software.

Nov 1: Lesson 10: Creating Three-Dimensional Designs    
Learn to digitize designs that include three-dimensional effects including cut velvet, puffy foam, couching, and StumpWork.  Create a sampler book of 3D techniques.


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Software Inspirations 2023 Virtual Edition

$ 15.00