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Longarm rentals


Have you wanted to completely create your quilt, from design and fabric selection to the final stitch of your binding? Renting time on our top of the line longarm quilting machines will make your experience easy and satisfying. We can give you that experience by using one of our premier APQS longarm machines.  In our quilting studio, you can rent APQS machines Lenni, Lucey or Millie 30. 


The first step in renting is taking our rental certification course. In this class you will learn everything you need to know to operate and care for the longarm quilting machine. You will learn how to load a quilt onto the longarm frame, adjust your tension, and do basic manual free motion meandering. Get the feel on a practice cloth and learn how to move the longarm and create free motion stitches. You are encouraged to bring in a small quilt (55” x 55” or less) to quilt as a part of the certification.  After you’ve completed your sample stitches, you will load the small quilt you brought and quilt it. 


Please note: you will need backing fabric that is at least 6″ bigger all the way around your quilt top (in other words, add 12 more inches to your cut.)  I like to leave about 6-8" extra batting, too.  Depending upon the quilting, the quilt can "shrink" during the quilting process.

We carry a variety of queen and king size rolls of Quilters Dream batting that you can purchase. The advantage of large rolls is no creases. There is no need to baste your quilt. It's not required.  The quilt backing gets mounted on the frame first, then the quilt top, and lastly we sandwich in the batting. 

Once you complete the course, you are certified to rent our machines by the hour. It's a good idea to schedule your first rental within 3 weeks of your certification class so you can be sure you don’t forget all you learn in class.

Call Pam to schedule your certification class 906-361-5111 or email at