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Coast Guard House Marquette
Ten Reasons We Love to Live & Work in Marquette County
1. Friendly people, and by that I mean people actually smile and say hello.  Go for a walk, pass someone, I will smile and say hello. They will too! Even cars that pass me when I am walking, give a friendly wave. 
2.  Clean air and water to breathe and a strong scent of pine.  Yes, I grew up a Yooper, but we did live in other areas of the country prior to relocating "back home."  Once we returned, it "smelled like home," which means a strong smell of pine, wintergreen and blueberries.  I didn't realize until I moved back.
3. Plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities.  I prefer silent sports like cross country skiing, snowshoeing and mountain biking but there is something for everyone.  My husband has snowmobiles and ATVs, so we do both.  When I go outside, no matter what month of the year, I always am refreshed by the beauty.
4. Million dollar beaches.  I mean it, they are miles of sandy beaches along the south shore of Lake Superior and most of the time, there's hardly anyone there.  It feels like my own private beach.  There are so many State Parks.  We are so lucky.
5. The people here have worked hard to create some spectacular trails for skiing and biking.  The Noquemanon Trail is awesome any time of year for biking and cross country skiing.  Get a pass to support the trail system.  There are only happy outdoorsy type people on these trails. Sure, you can walk and snowshoe these trails, too.  Some are dog friendly. If you are competitive, there is the annual Noquemanon Cross Country Ski Marathon every January.
6. Iron Ore Heritage Trail system.  This trail is for everyone and stretches 47 miles from Republic to Harvey.  There are some paved sections, and some that have crushed gravel.  There are some designated for bikes and some for motorized.  The two are kept separate.  There are historical kiosks along the way that tell of our area's rich mining history.  It's wonderful to see all the various people that enjoy the trail. It warms my heart to see an occasional wheel chair bound person enjoying the outdoors.  This trail system is behind my shop.  In fact, on Thursday nights in the summer, I invite ladies to meet in my parking lot and go for a "granny ride."  We cut up the Michigan Iron Industry Museum road that west of our driveway.  Follow that road, go around the cemetery, cross County Rd 492 and the IOHT access is right there. 
7. Presque Isle park. This Marquette beauty is a natural splendor and is home to the grave of Chief Kawbawgam.  I've been going here for years.  So have others.  You can take a ride in your car around "the island" but I feel it is best seen on foot or bike.  If you are here only for a short time, you need to drive on Lakeshore Drive out to the island.  The majestic pines and hemlock decorate the lands, and you are sure to see deer in the wild. As you come down the hill and start to round the curve at Sunset Point, pull in to the small parking lot and see Black Rocks. In the summer, that's where you will find kids of all ages jumping into the icy cold waters of Superior. From Lower Harbor to Presque Isle is only a little over 3 miles.  It has a bike trail all the way there.  Walk. Run. Drive a car.  Whatever works! Along the way, you will pass the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse, shown in the picture above.  It is at the Maritime Museum
8. Northern Michigan University offers varied entertainment, whether it be sports, theatre or museums.  Check out Wildcat hockey or football, or catch a play or lecture at the Forest Roberts Theatre. The "Yooper Dome" which is formally known as the Superior Dome opened as the world's largest wooden dome and it is home to NMU's sports teams and hosts many community events.  
9. Sugarloaf Mountain.  This is a nice short walk in the woods with lots of stairs to climb to get to the top.  Once you are there, you will love the views!  Little further up the road is Whetmore's Landing and Little Presque Isle.  These are those state parks with million dollar beaches I referred to in #4. Make time to go.  My kids like to swim at "Butt Rock," one of the many big boulders that sit on the sandy beach.  It's called that because "they slide down it on their butts into the water of Lake Superior."  Makes sense.  Nothing indecent happening there.
10.  Our quilt shop!  Come enjoy our destination!  We are big...the biggest in the UP as far as we know.  We are friendly, love what we do and would love to give you a tour.  Check our online calendar & events schedule to see what is going on.  We are now a member of Harvest Hosts!  So come bring your RV.  We welcome you!