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APQS Upper Peninsula of Michigan | Time Flies Quilt and Sew


We are an authorized dealer for APQS (American Professional Quilting Systems) Longarm quilting machines, the finest in the industry.  We offer all the machines made by APQS, right here in the good ole USA, made and manufactured in Carroll, Iowa. 

We are your local installer, educator and service provider.  Both Pam and Rick Kauppila are Certified Technicians for APQS, as marked by the special icons on APQS's website.  Our machines are backed by a lifetime warranty, and you have local service besides.

We welcome you to our studio to test drive these wonderful machines! We have a Certified Rental Program where you can rent time on any of our APQS machines.  Come experience the quality of the equipment first hand.  It'll be like renting a luxury sports car!  Please contact us.

Looking for Quilting Service?  We can help!  If you aren't ready to learn how to quilt yourself and consider yourself "a piecer," we can finish your quilt for you.  Bring in your quilt so we can see your work and discuss the best way to finish your backing so we don't have any issues loading your quilt onto our machine.  We can offer a quilting option that serves you both in price and top quality, that only an APQS machine can provide!  Page through our designs and we will agree upon a pick-up date.  We also accept mailed in quilts!

You can finance your APQS machine purchase through Red Thread Financial Services, whose finance programs are solely focused on the quilting and embroidery industries.  It is designed for those who want to have a quilting business. 

APQS Longarm Quilting Machines: Choose from 6 longarm models, one of which is a sit-down machine. Be assured of SUPERIOR customer support on them all. Our Studio also has QUILT PATH, the computerized system compatible with Millie30, Millie, Freddie, Lucey,  and Lenni, Lucey, Our Studio has Quilt Path on Millie 30, which gives us the maximum quiltable space for quilting customer quilts.

Millennium 30 "Millie 30"

Millennium "Millie"

Freedom "Freddie"




Quilt Path

computerize your quilting and quilt perfectly and fast!